Dr Kamil Kartasiński
– is a scientist, writer, and lecturer.

With these three words, I can best describe myself. Among my greatest successes, I can count the writing of the book “Boy from the Wehrmacht. Soldier of Anders”, which I worked on for 10 years. The publication won readers’ appreciation and was distributed in a total circulation of 600 copies. I am also the author of a small bestseller, which is a genealogical guide, “Find your grandfather in…” , which was sold in a total circulation of 750 copies. Among my successes, I can count the co-creation of the international conference “ICOHTEC – 46th annual meeting Katowice 2019”, where I had the opportunity to co-create the program, take care of a group of volunteers and be the leader of the so-called “Summer School” accompanying the conference. Since 2023, I have been actively involved in implementing educational and scientific programs of the Polish History Museum concerning the 160th anniversary of the January Uprising. I am a doctor of humanities, with a specialization in history.

In my research, I deal with issues related to oral history and collective memory. My interests stem from my passion for talking to witnesses of history. Years of practice make me perfectly capable of interpreting all nuances of the so-called oral sources. I am simply a very good listener. Patient and empathetic. I had the opportunity to conduct research in Germany and the United States. I participated in various scientific and popular science conferences. I like to break schemes, create something new. I feel that I am a scientist who, in addition to conducting reliable research, has a strong passion for popularization.

I conduct classes and lectures on topics related to genealogy, Poles in Wehrmacht, history of Poland, Germany, and Upper Silesia in the years 1871-1945. I deal with the scientific processing of memoirs of history witnesses. I co-create exhibitions, broadcasts, historical publications. I am a reliable and punctual person. I cooperate or cooperated with such institutions as the Institute of National Remembrance, Haus der Deutsch-Polnischen Zusammenarbeit, the Museum in Gliwice, the Archive of New Files, Roździeński Institute.

I am a lover of good biographies, foreign travel, hiking, and computer games. My favorite historical figure is Boleslaw I the Brave and my favorite fictional one is Skawinski the lighthouse keeper. Privately, a man who appreciates brave people with passion and curiosity about the world, who, like him, follow the rule “there is no way that you can’t”.

In one sentence, I am a historian who creates for the future.

He graduated in history at the University of Silesia. In 2014, he received a bachelor’s degree for the work of “Zouaves of Death”. In 2016, he defended with a very good result, the master’s degree in “History of Katowice in the years 1914-1918 based on the chronicles of schools”. Both works were worked under the professor Dariusz Nawrot guidance. In 2016 he started doctoral studies, where under the supervision of assistant-professor Maciej Fic is preparing a doctoral dissertation on polish Sybiraks who emigrated to the USA after the Second World War. On 8 March 2022 I was awarded a doctorate (PhD) in humanities (history).