The forgotten solider book review (PL)

Guy Sajer. A boy born on the French-German border, whose father was a Frenchman from the Central Massif and his mother a German woman from Saxony. In the autumn of 1942 Sajer, fascinated by the German uniform, joined the ranks of the German army to serve his new “homeland”. – to the Germans, for better or worse. A dozen or so years old private initially dreams of experiencing a great war adventure. Sajer is an idealist who is a silent admirer of the discipline and power of the German army, and who dreams of becoming a part of the German community as soon as possible. However, his first contact with the brutality of war, first as a transport unit soldier and then as a volunteer of the elite Großdeutschland division, makes all ideals and great slogans disappear.

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Lwów Eaglets book review (PL)

Lwów is always faithful…

Lwów, the mainstay of Polishness in the east, remains to this day in the hearts of Poles. The city, with which hundreds of Polish artists, scientists and prominent politicians were associated, has always remained faithful to Poland. Even in the most difficult moments, such as the Battle of Lwów in 1918-1919. Lwów Eaglets, written by Professor Wojciech Roszkowski, is an extraordinary album release, with a beautifully conducted historical narrative and a delicate note of nostalgia, which, however, does not obscure the great respect for the Lwów Eaglets. This beautiful name is used to describe the generations of Polish youth and children who, brought up in respect and love for their city and free homeland, joined the bloody fight for Polish Lwów in the autumn of 1918. Reading the book, one should return to Professor Roszkowski, the objectivity he maintained and the enormous empathy for the young heroes from more than 100 years ago. Reading the book, the reader will often be amazed at the attitude of boys and girls for whom free Poland and their lovely city of Lviv meant more than their young lives. From today’s perspective, where the words sacrifice, perseverance or bravery are not given enough space for such words, the attitude of these young people makes them reflect on a lot. While reading the book, maybe I did not focus so much on the historical message itself. I was more interested in the direct experiences of the main characters in the fight for Lviv, whose memories are broadly presented in this work. In addition to describing the history of the Polish-Ukrainian war, Professor Roszkowski also presents the history of the Lviv eagles over the last 100 years. The memory destroyed, humiliated, brutally killed, but never taken from the hearts of Poles and Polish women scattered all over the world. An album such as Lwów Eaglets reminds us, quoting Professor Roszkowski, that the fate of a nation is not only what is here and now, what each of us sees before us. The fate of the Nation is a memory that needs to be nurtured and fought for …

I received the book courtesy of Biały Kruk publishing house, for which I would like to thank you very much. 10 zlotys from each sold copy of the book will be used for the construction of the Monument to the Eaglets of Lviv in Krakow.

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Broadcast „Boy from the Wehrmacht. Anders’s Solider” (PL)

On January 6th 2019 I was a guest of Mr. Piotr Łoś, with whom I talked about my book. During the programme I talked about the fate of the main character of my book, the problem of forced conscription of Poles to the Wehrmacht and the question of the Volkliste in Upper Silesia. I invite you to listen to the transcript of our conversation!

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Battlefield V –review of a computer game (PL)

When in May 2018 the first trailer of the new “Battlefield” series was released, many people were wondering what the reality of the game would be. The bright colors, the incredibly dynamic action, the girl-soldier with a metal prosthetic arm and the bizarre uniform of the soldiers did not resemble the reality of World War II. The conflict of 1939-1945, which was presented by the artists in their trailers, met with great discontent among the players. Listening to the negative opinions of the community, EA DICE decided to depart from the most controversial ideas and make the game more like a production about the greatest conflict in the history of mankind. Was it successful?

Nadzieja wdeptana w błoto tom 2 – recenzja i ocena książki

Hope trampled into the mud, vol.2 – book review (PL)

The memories included in the work are very diverse. Apart from extremely beautiful literary stories and stories full of personal reflections, we will also find those that are merely a chronicle record, and one that is devoid of any emotions. Each of the memories is an individual case of perceiving war through the eyes of young Estonians (almost all of them were born in the 1920s), whose wartime fate in the struggle for independent Estonia forced them to cooperate with Germany. On the pages of “Hope trampled into the mud” we can often read about the treatment of Estonians by German soldiers as cannon fodder or secondary units in supply.

Dywizjon 303: Bitwa o Anglię – recenzja i ocena gry komputerowej

303 Squadron: Battle of Britain – review of a computer game (PL)

In the game we play the role of Jan Zumbach, one of the best aces of the Polish squadron. Our adventure with the game begins from the Northolt RAF base, where we have the opportunity to meet our colleagues from the unit, mechanics and their superiors. We can talk to most of them. We must admit that the game creators tried to reflect the atmosphere of the IIWW era and in terms of content to the issues raised by the heroes, you can not have any major objections.

Hetman Chrystusa. Biografia świętego Jana Pawła II tom 1 – recenzja i ocena książki

Christ’s Hetman. Biography of Saint John Paul II Volume 1 – book review (PL)

Such a biography of the pontificate of John Paul II as “Hetman Christ” 40 years after the election of Karol Wojtyła as the capital of Peter was and is needed. Jolanta Sosnowska’s work may be a good beginning for understanding the personality and heritage of the pontificate of John Paul II. I recommend reading carefully especially to those who want to see more than just another monument, street or square named after him.

„Uwaga, tu Gliwice!” Prowokacja gliwicka 1939 – artykuł popularnonaukowy

“Attention, this is Gliwice!” Gliwice provocation 1939 – article (PL)

Gliwice Radio Station is characterized by a unique, wooden broadcasting tower and an originally preserved complex of buildings. However, it went down in history mainly as a silent witness to the famous German provocation of 31 August 1939. – The action, which was a prelude to the greatest conflict in the history